North County Women's 200 Club

North San Diego County, California

Diane Shaw -

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Past Club Events - Winner(s)

Feb 1, 2020 Vegas Potpourri 1st Cheryl Morrison, 2nd Joe Cipollini, 3rd Terry Sanders, 4th Diana Shaw, 5th Gregory Burrow & Amy Shaw
Dec 7, 2019 10th Annual Christmas Friendship Division A - 1st Anyce Williams, 2nd Dana Chandler, 3rd R.T. Thornton, 4th Aaron Vester, 5th Lincoln Rose
Division B - 1st Tia Thorpe, 2nd Cami Heyer, 3rd Tena Dunn, 4th Terry Sanders, 5th Anna Williamson, 6th Diana Shaw
Nov 16, 2019 Autumn Leaves Division A - 1st Libby Williams, 2nd Wendy Brown, 3rd Amy Shaw, 4th Diana Shaw
Division B - 1st Ruby Beardsley, 2nd Julie Tripp, 3rd Annetta Mabrey, 4th Cheryl Morrison
Division C - 1st Jarvie Rowden, 2nd Marjorie Hintz, 3rd Rose Benalcazar, 4th Jo Helen Grant
Oct 19, 2019 40 Frame Game 1st Shirley Swayne, 2nd Cheryl Brandstrom, 3rd Amy Shimell, 4th Sheri Boolen, 5th Amy Shaw
Sep 28, 2019 Certified Championship Singles 1st Shirley Swayne, 2nd Jennifer Walters, 3rd Cheryl Brandstrom, 4th Nancy Coons
Aug 24, 2019 Scotch Doubles 1st Jennifer Talbot & Patricia Dyer, 2nd Lorelei Medina & Jennifer Walters, 3rd Anyce Williams & Tia Thorpe,
4th Chris Marois & Shirley Henderson
Jun 22, 2019 A Few Good Men - Women's Div
A Few Good Men - Men's Div
1st Amy Shaw, 2nd Jennifer Walters, 3rd Shirley henderson, and 4th Annette Mabrey (Women's division)
1st Larry Pall, 2nd Michael Kenney (Men's division)
May 11, 2019 No Tap 1st Amy Shaw, 2nd Anyce Williams, 3rd Tia Thorpe, and 4th Jennifer Talbot
Apr 13, 2019 40 frame Game - Women
40 frame Game - Men
1st Sherri Yost, 2nd Amy Shaw, 3rd Hoy Skyles, 4th Patricia Dyer, & 5th Fay Vester
1st Marlin Mullins, 2nd Jeff Dunn, 3rd Chris Childers, and 4th Aaron Vester
Mar 23, 2019 No-Tap Amy Shaw, Joy Skyles, Jennifer Walters, Fay Vester
Feb 23, 2019 Friendship Doubles Shirley Henderson & Michael Kenney, Ashley Brentnall & Matt Brentnall, Marlene Burke & David Trimble, Fay Vester & Ron Vester
Jan 26, 2019 Certified Singles Marlene Burke, Amy Shaw, Susan Strickert, Marlene Kurtz, Lonnie Hodgson, Lorelei Medina & Ashley Brentnall
Dec 1, 2018 Christmas Friendship Jennifer Talbot, Amy Shimell, Joy Skyles, Elizabeth Counts, Peggy Diamond & Chris Marois
Nov 17, 2018 Club & Autumn Leaves Division A
Club & Autumn Leaves Division B
Club & Autumn Leaves Division C
Annie Sun, Anyce Williams, Marrisa De Luna & Cindy Dilliard
Patricia Dyer, Barbara Combs, Cindy Gates & Jacqui Hart
Dale Axcell, Irene Gregory, Linda Weaver & Margaret Smigal
Oct 20, 2018 Baker Trio Results Pending
Sep 22, 2018 Certified Championship Singles Amy, Diana, Elizabeth
Jun 23, 2018 Colored Pins - Women Debbie Korenic
Jun 23, 2018 Colored Pins - Men David Caperton
May 26, 2018 Triplex Elizabeth Counts
Apr 28, 2018 POTPOURRI Cami Heyer
Mar 24, 2018 Baker Jennifer Talbot
Feb 24, 2018 Friendship Doubles Marsha Gabarra & Bill Williams
Jan 27, 2018 Certified Singles Fran Mangione
Sep 23, 2017 Annual Singles Championship Diana Shaw
Aug 26, 2017 Scotch Doubles Elaine Tutterrow and Sammi Mariano
Jun 24, 2017 A Few Good Men Rose Benalcazar (women's division) and Maurice Anderson (men's division)
May 27, 2017 "Sugar Daddy" Triplex Shirley Henderson
Apr 22, 2017 POTPOURRI Diana Shaw
Mar 25, 2017 Baker Erin Gilligan-Morin, Rose Benalcazar & Tena Dunn
Feb 25, 2017 Friendship Doubles Rose Benalcazar & Erin Gilligan-Morin
Jan 28, 2017 Certified Singles Pat Nakatsuka
Dec 3, 2016 Christmas Friendship Alanna Veach
Nov 12, 2016 Autumn Leaves Penny Spanik
Oct 29, 2016 No Tap Sammi Mariano
Sep 24, 2016 Certified Championship Singles Jennifer Walters