North County USBC Association, Inc   -  #82217
Serving North San Diego County, California
4212 Vista Del Rio Way #8, Oceanside, CA 92057
(760) 231-8676

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As the USBC State, National Open and Womens Championship tournaments approach, many of you may be in need of a bowler to complete/fill your team. Or perhaps you are looking to join/sub with a team. If this applies to you, please send an email with all pertinent information (Start/Join/Sub, dates, contact information, etc.) to the Association Manager (at the email address listed and linked above) so that we may assist you. Or, please click on the Facebook icon/link above and post your request and contact information on the Association Facebook page.
Additionally, if you would like to expand your range beyond the NC USBC Association, you can place your information on the "Sub Board" for the National level tournaments by clicking here.

However, please be aware of and cautious about the type and amount of all personal information you place on ANY public site.

Thank you, for letting us work for you!

Upcoming Events




February 20-21, 2016

Annual Adult & Youth Royal Tournament

Surf Bowl

March 5 & 13, 2016

Annual Association Championships – Team Event

Vista Entertainment Center

March 6 & 12, 2016

Annual Association Championships – Dbls/Sgls

Surf Bowl

April 10, 2016

Annual Association Meeting

Hall of Fame Inductions

Hall of Fame Luncheon

To Be Announced (TBA)

April 24, 2016

June 5, 2016

Susan G. Komen Tournament (Details TBA)

1st Annual Association Fun Tournament (Details TBA)

Vista Entertainment Center

Vista Entertainment Center

Tournament entry forms will be sent to all bowling centers in the Association.

Bowlers may pick up these forms at their respective centers to plan their schedules.

In addition, you may click on the "Tournaments & Results" link on the left and download the respective tournament entry form PDF for use at your convenience.

What is the North County USBC Association?

The North County USBC Association, Inc officially launched April 10, 2006, as the organization to serve amateur adult and youth bowlers in North San Diego County. It resulted from the merger of the Palomar Bowling Association (ABC), Avocado Women's Bowling Association (WIBC) and the North County Young American Bowling Alliance. Today, the North County USBC Association serves more than 2,200 members.

Mission Statement & Vision

MISSION: As an Association, to service all bowlers-men, women and youth, and to promote sportsmanship, the spirit of competition, and unity among the participants of the sport we love.

VISION: Together, as One, we service All, Equally.


To all of the past and present men, women, and youth who have tirelessly dedicated their time and efforts to their respective organizations in the pursuit of sportsmanship, competition and friendship, we dedicate this WEB site.

This merged organization was formed in the year 2005-2006 through the efforts of the Transition Team made up of Vic Landis, Vicie Lucas, Sid Good, Mary Vale Torrence, Sharon Myers, Gay Marshall, Gorge T. Myrick, Phyllis Bourque and Nancy Arvanitis. Bylaws were developed and approved by the respective Boards of Directors and our new North County USBC Association, Inc was formed.